What to do with an Unused Fireplace

As some people are cleaning out their fireplaces to get ready for the cool winter months, others are left with what can be an ugly hole on the wall. If their fireplace isn’t useable or if it doesn’t get cold enough to use a fireplace, what do you do with one?

Well you can use that space to create a unique focal point for the room. If you make it a focal point you will be providing it with a function when it doesn’t actually have one.

Group like objects into a fireplace to create a focal point.

Group like objects together in the fireplace. This can mean you add a bunch of shells, crystals, or marbles.

Store books in an unused fireplace

Add more books here. You can even install a little shelf to keep even more books in the small unused space.

Install a fake fireplace in place of an unused one.

Consider installing a fake fire into it. It can give off the same effects but without the hassle.

Cover it with a big piece of artwork.

Put an oversized piece of artwork in front of it. Add a sense of depth and creates a new space where otherwise there would have been a void.