Preventing Fabrics from Fading

Natural sunlight is one of the most important aspects of any home. Large windows or sunrooms are extremely seductive and can make choosing a home or apartment in easy choice. But what we tend to forget is that our furniture don’t like the sun as much as we do. Nether do throw pillows or blankets or rugs.

We often don’t notice how much some of our fabrics dislike the sun until we turn them over and notice that they’re a fraction of the color that they used to be.

But today we are offering up some tips on how to prevent your fabrics from fading too much. These can help to keep your belongs looking new for as long as possible. We can’t make promises though about dirt and over use, just that these tricks can help protect from the sun.



Just like flipping yourself over while you are tanning to avoid burning or to make sure that you will be bronze all over, you need to do so with your furniture. Move your furniture around often so that they can switch between being in the sun and being out of it. Flip over your rugs and consider moving them to different places on your hard wood floors.


Pick the Right Fabrics

Natural fabrics are the ones that fade the fastest. These will include cotton, silk, or linen. Getting furniture or pillows in these kinds of fabrics that will be left in the sun is just a poor decision. Instead, choose rugs and sofas that are made of synthetic fabrics or blends so that it can help to fight against fading. Light colors also take a longer time to fade than darker colors so if you can’t choose a different fabric, at least go lighter.


Fight the Light

If you absolutely love the way that your furniture is laid or you can’t move the furniture into different arrangements, have no fear you can still protect them. The same can be said about any and all fabric. Investing in some dark curtains that you can close to block out the light is one of the easiest ways to prevent fading. The problem is, you don’t have as much natural light. Sheer curtains or a layer of different sheer curtains can also be used to filter some of the light out.