How to: Use Dark Walls

Pick the best walls

Limit how often and where you decide to paint your walls a darker color. Walking from a light room to a dark room changes the mood that is given off. Because of this only have a dark wall in a few select rooms rather than the whole house. It will create the best and most positive effects.

Wall Finish

The finish on these walls can also have a big say on how the room is interpreted. Shiny walls make the room feel glamorous while in comparison a matte finish makes the room feel more urban.

Dark and bold colors go well together.

More colors

To make the most out of whatever dark color you decide to put in a room add even more colors on top of that. By having a dark wall in a room you are actually allowing for other colors to have a greater statement. Added bold or bright colors will make a larger impact. This also applies to art that you hang in the room. On the darker background it create more contrast and enhances what you are trying to show off.