Home Improvement Projects

Fall is quickly coming to an end. Have you done those last minute home improvement chores that you put off during the summer? Right now is your last chance to utilize the cooler weather to get things done. These simple projects will also raise your home’s value if you are looking to put it on the market soon.


Repair the Deck

This can greatly lower the value of your home. It will also be a hassle to deal with next year when you are hoping to get back outdoors and enjoy your back yard. Consider fixing or replacing some of the deck that is in obvious disarray.


Front Door Maintenance

When you decide to paint your front door, do so in temperatures that are between 40 to 50. This will allow it to fully dry and prevent it from freezing. A new color on your front door can make your home stand out. It also takes very little time to paint your front door.


Exterior Love

Before you go in the house next time you come home from running errands, take a look at its paint job. Is it behind in the times or chipped? Consider doing some touch ups on your homes or just repainting it entirely. If its just a little dirty though just get the exterior part of your home power washed.


Clean the Gutters

Once of the easiest ways to save yourself some future money when it comes to home improvement is to clean out your gutters. It doesn’t take long but it can save you money in the long run.


Look at your Roof

While you are taking care of your gutters, check on your roof. Plan on fixing any leaks that you may find to prevent further damage and consider replacing any part of the roof that may be losing some of its aesthetics. If you are considering to sell your home this home improvement project can greatly increase your home’s value.