Christmas Trees for Halloween

If only we had found out about this trend sooner. If you fall in love with this idea though you can always use the after Halloween sales to your advantage. Start planning and gathering supplies for next year. Keep an open mind when you are figuring out how you want to create your very own Halloween tree.

Some trees have gotten inspiration from favorite Halloween characters like Darth Vader from Star Wars or Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

This trend does seem weird at first. But once you start to think about the love that people have for Halloween, it becomes more clear. Plenty of people love Halloween just as much as Christmas. Its this passion that allows for some to figure out some truly magical ways to decorate for the holidays.

Swap out garland and candy canes with some cobwebs, spiders, and pumpkins. Who needs a star when you can use a witch hat instead? Even some festive colored ribbon could be used to create the perfect Halloween tree.

Decorating with your Christmas tree for Halloween might actually help you prepare for the later months. It will allow you to get the tree out earlier and enjoy it longer. As soon as Halloween is done you can begin replacing the decorations with Christmas ones. While you may be worried about encroaching on Thanksgiving, it seems each year we begin decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier anyway.