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Bohemian Style Home Decor you will Love!

The bohemian style that was inspired by the 70’s has some good air under its wings as its quickly becoming an interior design trend. While the 70’s may have you thinking flower power and hippies, thats not all this trend it. Its about living comfortably and being happy. We have some tips here if you

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How to use Baskets to Organize

Using baskets to organize is one of our favorite ways to keep away the clutter and to keep the room looking chic! They look better than mix matched tubs or oversized bins that are used traditionally. They are a great way to keep a room looking clean and organized while still keeping it stylish. Using

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Bring Positive Energy into your Home

When most people come home they want to be greeted by a friendly, warm environment. Having a home that allows you to relax and to enjoy your time spent there is a must. Promoting and keeping positive energy in your home can be an easy task when you add a few simple things. Sometimes more

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