Bring Positive Energy into your Home

When most people come home they want to be greeted by a friendly, warm environment. Having a home that allows you to relax and to enjoy your time spent there is a must. Promoting and keeping positive energy in your home can be an easy task when you add a few simple things. Sometimes more is needed than just positive vibes.

Add a Hamsa or Cross

These are believed to keep out evil spirits. The Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima is used in some cultures to protect against the ‘evil eye.’ It can’t hurt to hang one up; it can even add a touch of your personality depending on what you choose. By crosses and hamsas come in a variety of styles and colors so it can be easy to find one that will work for you.



Burning dry sage can create positive energy and helps to banish any negative energy that may be residing in your home. It is believed to be a cleansing smell that has the power to push out negative thoughts or feelings that may be lingering. If you don’t want to burn sage or don’t know where to find some, use a spray sage instead. Spray new objects as you bring them into the home so that they are clean and won’t bring in negativity with them.

Himalayan Salt lamp

These lamps actually look pretty cool and can create their own little atmosphere wherever you decide to add them. When they have a light bulb in them it can produce the perfect amount of light to create a calming ambiance. It can help promote relaxation and help you de-stress after a long day. When they are heated by the light bulb the salt works to take toxins out of the air in your home.


Other incenses

Frankincense can be used to help reduce stress and anxiety. They can be found in almost any aisle that contains incense. Burn some of these incense sticks or buy wax cones to burn in a diffuser. Burning frankincense can immediately bring a sense of peace to an area. Jasmine is also another smell that you should bring into your home. It may not promote peace but it does encourage feelings of friendship and love.


Plants naturally work to pull toxins out of the air and replace it with fresh oxygen. Not only does this promote positive energy but some plants, like bamboo plants are even seen as good luck charms.