Bohemian Style Home Decor you will Love!

The bohemian style that was inspired by the 70’s has some good air under its wings as its quickly becoming an interior design trend. While the 70’s may have you thinking flower power and hippies, thats not all this trend it. Its about living comfortably and being happy. We have some tips here if you are hoping to bring some of this free loving vibe into your home.

Accent Pillows

If you don’t love accent pillows then find another way to decorate your home. Furniture is inspired in a Moroccan fashion is somewhat low to the ground. Pillows are also inspired by the creative and beautiful patterns that it offers.


Having a minimal lifestyle is arguable a good one to have. But decluttering and keeping things at a natural level is key to having a bohemian style home. Adding plants is a great way to keep a room feeling natural and airy.

Unique lighting

Not only can you utilize Christmas lights at all times of the year with a bohemian style, you can also add any and all colorful lanterns that you may encounter.

Bold colors

One of the best aspects of having a bohemian style home is that you can add in all of those bold colors that you love. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls a bold color as long as you combine it with other bold colors as well.


Rugs should have distinct patterns on them. Whether its tribal or Moroccan, they can bring color and comfort to any room. If you shy away from bold colors use rugs to make the statement for you instead.